The Cardiovascular division of Biosensors International Group, Ltd, have track records of innovation in the development of next-generation medical technologies that make a difference in patients’ lives. A worldwide sales and marketing team and a network of distributors deliver our products to where they can help most.

The Peripheral and Cardiac Diagnostic Divisions have both been recently established with the aim of offering our customers a wider choice of treatment options.

BioMatrix NeoFlex™

Biosensors brings you the newest member of the BioMatrix™ family: BioMatrix NeoFlex™. With the LEADERS trial 5-year results BioMatrix Flex™ achieved Gold Standard status in biodegradable technology. Now BioMatrix NeoFlex with an enhanced stent delivery system brings exceptional performance in complex lesions and challenging anatomies (LEADERS is a Biosensors International study - - NCT00389220).


Expanding the therapeutic horizon for physicians

Drug-Eluting Stents (DES) are proven to reduce the risk of restenosis and improve outcomes for patients with more complex coronary disease. However, in certain patients where there is a requirement to avoid prolonged Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (DAPT), Bare Metal Stents (BMS) may be preferred.

BioFreedom™, as a Drug-Coated Stent (DCS), combines the advantages of both DES and BMS. It delivers an effective anti-restenotic therapy with Biolimus A9™, and may shorten the required DAPT regime (Clinical studies exploring this potential are in progress).


Dedicated bifurcation DES

The device is the first BA9™-eluting dedicated bifurcation stent, complementing the existing BioMatrix family of product. It features our PLA/BA9™ technology, with an abluminal coating applied primarily on the abluminal surface.


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